chatBOTX Stunning Features

We understand your business and your customer needs. Turn every conversation into an amazing experience.

Automate your Chatbot


Customize your bot with pre-build content that can save time. Rich Message sends responses with button, images or list option that can lead to higher response rate with intuitive interaction flows. Small talk provides predefined conversation pattern by importing predefined questions and answers.

Chatbot respond in multiple language

Support Localization

chatBOTX allow users to find related information on map services. chatBOTX support your customer care problems across countries with the ability to understand and respond in multiple languages.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer Support

chatBOTX frees you from repetitive questions. Get insights on user behaviour with chat analytics. Improve your bot by monitoring its performance in real-time to capture new opportunities, sales and improvements in workflows and decision making processes.

Integration with your favourite channels


Chatbot API allows you to extract responses from third party tools. Connect your chatbot with your favourite channels used with just a click. Integrate your chatbot with other services like Facebook, wechat, skype and more.

Easy-to-use platform for everyone


Check your chatbot conversation history in the Archives. Improve your stories from past conversations to increase the efficiency and knowledge of your Chatbot. Use the chat demo to test the conversation flow before publication. This will ensure that your chatbot works well before it “goes live”!

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