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Find a doctor, make an appointment with a Specialist or get information on Health Screening Packages and medical procedures with chatBOTX.

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Find a doctor

Search for a specialist in the directory including the procedures they have performed, profile and professional qualifications.

How to:
Type a specialist name (eg. Dr. William) and view the search results.

Click the “Medical Specialty” button to find doctors by Medical Specialty.

Not sure which doctor to choose? Click on “I want a suggestion” and type a keyword related to your medical condition. The Chatbot will provide details about the specialist and procedures for you to consider.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an appointment for a Specialist visit or a health screening appointment with ease. You can now book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through our Chatbot.

How to:
Users can choose their preferred Specialist and click on “Make an appointment” to submit the relevant information for the booking process.

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Health Screening Packages
Health Screening Recommendation

Health Screening

We have a variety of packages for you to choose. Not sure which package is suitable for you? Our Chatbot is able to suggest packages based on your age and gender.

How to:
Click on “View All Packages” to check the available health screening packages our hospital offers. If you need recommendation, click “I want a recommendation” to view the available options.

Enquiries/Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Helen is here to answer your questions instantly and redirect any unresolved issues to the next level of customer care.

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