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Grow your business with AI powered Virtual Assistants.

chatBOTX intelligent virtual assistants provides sales and support related services automation. Complement your existing sales and support staff with chatBOTX assistants.
Grow your business with Smart Artificial Intelligence
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Virtual Assistants use the latest advances in Natural Language Processing and AI technology to provide rich conversational experiences to customers. Virtual Assistants interact like humans by using natural language processing to understand user’s intention. Provide the Assistant with examples of user’s intents and responses. The Assistant will analyse, learn and respond.

Conversational Natural Language Processing

Multi Channel Engagement

Customers enjoy rich conversational experiences from multiple channels. Connect your Virtual Assistant with the favourite channels used by customers, FaceBook, WeChat, Skype and other popular channels.

Our Virtual Assistants is able to engage in text or voice-based conversations after sufficient training.

Optimized for customer service

Optimized for customer service

Our Virtual Assistants complements existing customer service by answering questions 24 hours 7 days a week. By using the latest in AI and NLP technology, chatBOTX provides the most relevant information and recommendations based on customer profile and historical conversations. chatBOTX allows for switching of language and sentiment analysis.

How Chatbot Works

Built-in bot with intuitive tools lets you get started easily. A Step by step guide is also available to help you get started on chatBOTX

  • Create an automated Chatbot

    Step 1:Create

    Create an automated Chatbot by keying in your Bot name and language. You can also choose from a Pre-built bot to start customising your Chatbot.

  • Build and design your bot

    Step 2:Build

    Design your bot by identifying what user says, intents and entity. Create them and describe them by giving a few examples.

  • Train your bot's machine learning

    Step 3:Train

    Train your bot’s machine learning model with data from past conversations. Test your bot with what user says and make sure they are recognized with your added data.

  • Publish your bot everywhere

    Step 4:Publish

    Click to publish when you are ready to use your bot after the bot has been trained and tested.

  • Get Started

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